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Surveying Pioneers

Excellent Surveying and Mapping Infrastructure

Abundant Geographic Information Resources

Wide Applications



Shaanxi Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation(Shaanxi Province Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation), established in 1957, is directly under the leadership of National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation (the former State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping of China,SBSM).It is an important geography information production and scientific research base in China , mainly responsible for the national basic surveying and mapping  projects ,as well as national , provincial,and municipal major mapping projects , and also serves as a functional department in charge of surveying, mapping and geoinformation activities within Shaanxi Province.

Shaanxi Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation have 15 institutions, 2000 staffs for surveying and mapping. of which more than 200senior engineers,more than 500 engineers, and 14 academic leaders. It also have more than one thousand advanced equipments such as digital photogrammetric systems, GPS receiving systems, absolute gravimeters and pixel factory. All these formed a modern geographic information technology system, which set of geodetic surveying and data processing , cadastral surveying , topographic surveying, engineering surveying, photogrammetry and remote sensing, digital mapping, geographic information system engineering , map compiling and publishing, instrument testing, surveying and mapping standardization researching in one, and passed the quality authentication of the ISO9001 quality management system certification as a whole . It is the largest and most important production and scientific research bases in China covering all types of works in related fields.

Over the 50 years since its establishment,Shaanxi Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation undertook more than one third of national fundamental projects and hundreds of significant programs. It  participated in the Antarctic expedition, height measurement of the Mount Everest, boundary joint surveying and mapping of China-Pakistan and China-Nepal , compiled and published over kinds of maps such as " Map of the People's Republic of China",  first built provincial geographic information basic database,  and provided the social with tens of thousands of all scale geographic information datum and other technical service. All these made important contributions to natinal and loacal economic growth and social development.

In the upcoming new era, Shaanxi Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation will try every efforts to make great contribution to the developments of geomatics industry and social economic with “found smart China,monitor national geography,expand geoinformation industry,and build a powerful mapping nation ”as its strategic plans, and build Shaanxi Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation a top-ranking Administration.


Surveying Pioneers

Shaanxi Bureau of Surveying and Mapping, the powerful surveying and mapping production and research base with a large number of quality professionals and advanced instruments ...

Excellent Surveying and Mapping Infrastructure

Shaanxi Provincial digital surveying and mapping production base, an important component of national spatial data infrastructure, is one of the largest fundamental geographic ...

Outstanding Surveying and Mapping Datum Building Capacity

The Bureau sent many staff members to undertake such national important projects, like the building of astrogeodetic network, elevation control network, high precision GPS network...

Advanced Technology for Fundamental Geographic Information Acquiring and Processing

The Bureau sent many staff members to undertake such national important projects, like the building of astrogeodetic network, elevation control network, high precision GPS network...

Abundant Geographic Information Resources


There archived about 86800 volumes (about 1 800 000 pieces) of surveying and mapping files in Northwest China and others within the Bureau's divisions like Surveying and Mapping Archives of ...

Reliable Fundamental Geographic Information Service

A lot of important projects and programs had been undertaken and completed by SHASM. For example, the first stage of Digital Shaanxi fundamental geospatial framework has been completed...

Favorable Scientific Innovation System

SHASM has established production, training and research cooperation relationship with Tongji University, Wuhan Universaity, and Chang'an University with surveying and mapping needs as the guidance...

Wide Applications

SHASM promote geographic information integration and its platform building with digital Shaanxi fundamental framework as the carrier. Furthermore, it will provide surveying and mapping support ...

Valuable Surveying and Mapping Spirit

Try every effort to develop "four haves" workers. A great numbers of surveying and mapping pioneers set up the spirit of "loving motherland and enterprise, working hard and unselfishly"with their hard ...

Broad International Exchange and Cooperation

Established broad international exchange and cooperation relationships with more than 30 countries like France, Germany, Pakistan, America, Japan, Russian, Australia, Netherlands, Canada, etc...

Long-time Cultural Construction


A series of useful and plentiful physical and cultural activities have been organized with surveying and mapping cultural construction as the theme and to keep pace with the times to guide all the ...

Excellent Working and Living Environment

SHASM promotes the development of logistic infrastructure and boosts the building of residential area and entertainment facilities for its staff members. Hence, an excellent environment with all...


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